Why Choose us?

We make quality apparel that brands feel confident putting their label on.



At CUTSTITCH CUSTOM FASHION COMPANY we strive to maintain a higher level of quality in all our products by paying special attention to details at every stage of production. We monitor materials, and garment assembly processes all the way through to the finished product. That way we can assure a product that everyone will be proud to own and wear.

“Quality is in the details.”

The last 10 percent of attention we put into each design is what makes the difference! We don’t need to make 100% cotton draw cords, double fleece lined hoods, or durable zippers, but we do and the result is a wide range of styles that are unique and dependable!



It’s in Stock! CUTSTITCH CUSTOM FASHION COMPANY stocks millions of blank sweatshirts, jackets, & tees so you can order what you need when you need it. We put our neck on the line so you can move quickly with less risk of holding too much inventory. Our customers’ orders ship within 24hrs so they can be printed or embellished in a matter of days and placed at retail quickly. We are a trusted supplier to hundreds of the top clothing brands in the Action sports industry. We make quality blank garments that brands feel confident embellishing with their label.



We don’t stop at just a basic printable! Sure, they are the foundation we are built on, but our approach to the sweatshirt is rich with variety. We dare to be different and we dare to explore! With over 55 styles in our line we’re sure you will find what you need. Just take a look at our sweatshirt collections and you will be pleasantly surprised!



Not only do we provide quality blank apparel to the top brands in the US, we also manufacture their custom apparel from sweatshirts & tees, to woven jackets & flannels. We have the infrastructure and expertise to manufacture anything you design.

Although we fly under the radar, it is no secret why Independent is the most chosen manufacturer for brands across the world…we guarantee top quality, consistent manufacturing, on time delivery, importing expertise, and prices that can’t be beat.