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Jones Sports Inc

jonessports Non-Slip Gardening Gloves

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Palmar length:23.5cm/9.2inch
Feature:Anti pollution, anti slip, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to sweat absorption
Package List:1 pair of Gloves

1.Fine long nylon yarn woven into a seamless weave, automatic, not off-line, palm and fingers coated with PU resin.
2, PU material has strong acid and alkali resistance characteristics, can effectively prevent slipping, avoid slipping in the grasp of articles, and will not remain fingerprint printing, improve production efficiency.
3, Antistatic – the circuit that avoids the electrostatic damage to the RAM / IC of the finger to cause a short circuit.
4, Non-toxic ingredients, to ensure the health of the user.
5, Non conductive (impedance) coefficient 1*10^9 ~10 ohm – security personnel safety